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Project Description
This project demonstrates the capability of using BAM components within a pipeline. The solution allows for tracking context, message and custom method execution within a pipeline component. Where the Tracking Profile Editor is primarily used to track a single schema to a single receive location to a BAM Activity this solution allows for you to specify Activities in a Pipeline project from the BizTalk MMC.

The solution includes a Windows Forms Application for generation of classes which support the Pipeline Component. The Pipeline component has the following features:
1 - Ability to use BizTalk maps for transforming inbound messages into BAM Entries in the BAM Database.
2 - Through configuration identify which BAM server you would like to insert data into or alternatively use the Message Context to save to the default BAM Database
3 - Ability to track complete message bodies up to 1MB in size
4 - Ability to relate activities for display in the BAM portal
5 - Ability to use method statements in BizTalk maps for inserting information such as System.Environment.MachineName to record the server that received the message
6 - Ability to upload context items using BizTalk maps
7 - Ability to define looping within a BizTalk map for nested BAM activities

This solution uses the "Scalable Transformation" class for streaming XSL however it still does not perform to the level of the Tracking Profile Editor. If you do not require any capaiblities as defined above the guidance is to use the built in soluiton with BizTalk.

Documenation can be found within the Releases tab.

Dan Sandlin

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